Divi_is_mobile – Default menu option demo. 

**To see the Mobile Menu, you MUST be on a mobile device (or using chrome developer tools.) Reducing screen size does not work as we target mobile devices using the  wp_is_mobile functionality in WordPress.**

Now you have the freedom to show a separate menu to your mobile visitors!

When creating menus in Divi, you can assign them to 3 specific areas:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Footer

When viewing a Divi website on a mobile device that uses both the Primary and Secondary menus, the two menus combine for your mobile visitors.

You may not want to show all of those links to your mobile visitors, or perhaps you just want to rearrange them to streamline your mobile menu.

With Divi is mobile, you have full control to show exactly the links you want to show and the order to show them in for your mobile visitors. It’s as easy as creating a menu.  Scroll through the different links to see that this plugin functions with all 5 native divi header options.

View All Header Option Demos:

What your Mobile Visitors see: